Thursday, December 23, 2010



It's almost indescribable isn't it?
Things don't necessarily have to be in order in your life, but it's okay.
They're just gd enough dat u can still smile & laugh, & maybe even LOVE.
It's knowing all de wrong things in ur life bt not focusing on them.
It's pushing the drama behind you and pulling that smile out front.
It's not a fake front and secretly being miserable inside.

It's dealing with all the crap in your life first,
so you can enjoy being happy, really happy afterward.
You've got to cry to be able to appreciate a smile.
There's no easy path to happiness.
But when you reach it,
not a MILLION words can describe the feeling.

nx destination:


moments with my xiao tongtong

xtt say fetch me gaigai with the bike lol

feel like kissin my tongtong! MUACKSsSss!!

here's the oni photo of mine which shoot by xtt
(xtt photo shooting skill kinda pro LOL)
僕 は 君 の こと を 思って いる よ

[if fate is on our side, xmas will b our 1st outing!]

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


oneulbuteo sijakhae
niga da joha modu da joha


tHe WiNteR sOlstiCe FeStiVal

[tangyuan by me]

now is 00.00 am 22/12/2010
and im here
all my friends and family
HaPpY WiNteR sOlstiCe !!!!
may you and your family enjoy
the sweetest tangyuan yo!

with love,
Jennifer Gan

[ultraman tangyuan by him]

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ice Cream

life is like an ice cream
flavors make it interesting
without ice cream
life and fame are meaningless
taste the ice cream with your heart
you'll definitely discover
your perfect smile ever

Wall's Cornetto Classico from tongtong

Nestlé Drumstick with KitKat from jenjen

READY for the best song ever?
here u go
Text Color
next time play this song while enjoyin ur ice cream =P

heart you

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Move On

Sometimes you just have to put a period to something
that has to end and not just settle on a comma


It is because time will come
you'll realize that
seeing a complete sentence is nicer than
seeing a phrase that doesn't make any sense

If you understand me well enough
you'll know that i hate being a CYCLISTS
but LIFE is like riding bicycle
to keep your balance, you must KEEP ON MOVING
so i have no choice but to cycle with NO FEAR NO HATRED

Set everything free and hold on to nothing
No river can return to its source, yet all rivers must have a beginning
I'm on my way to 21 years old, with lots of vacation!
All's well, ends well

so yea,


Oh ya!
SANTA came to visit me yesterday
he did not bring me NIKON D7000
but he left a message saying that
"there is NO key to HAPPINESS, the door is always OPEN"

Friday, December 17, 2010

missing u




Thursday, December 16, 2010


留 下 来?




[ 连环恋 ]



- 毕 -


Love is like handling someone a GUN
having them point it at your HEART
and trusting them to NEVER
pull the TRIGGER
-Michael Gardner
always tell myself that
if someone that I'm CRAZY over
hurts me, betrays me, or breaks my heart
i'll just FORGIVE them
for they have HELPED me
learn about TRUST
and the importance of being CAUTIOUS
when I OPEN my HEART
never blame anyone for the deep scar cos

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


*at South Bank Parklands, Brisbane*
we're all like EGGS
fragile and full of possibilities
but unless we COME OUT of our shells
we JUST STAY eggs

To WALK is what i always do, and most of the time
I prefer not to look back to people who are
no longer walking with me.

One day, someone asked me,
"Why did you just let other people leave you?"

I answered,"Life is a long journey. I don't want to waste my time
waiting for people who are no longer willing to walk with me."

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Choice vs Destiny

Relationships last long NOT because they're destined to last long
Relationships last long because two brave people made a CHOICE
to keep it, to fight for it and to work for it

other relationships fail NOT 'cos they are destined to FAIL
They failed because one of the two or both made the CHOICE
to set each of the other free

It is NOT DESTINY that determines LOVE. It is CHOICE
your CHOICES determine your DESTINY

U're my DESTINY but i'm just not ur CHOICE
just becoz u apologized doesn't mean my heart is magically FIXED
- Jennifer Weiner

Monday, December 13, 2010

i'll STAY


你 没

资 格

祝 我

幸 福


这 次

走 了

就 别

回 头


不 送

不 留

请 你

快 滚

!!!!it's time to let go

Friday, December 10, 2010


1) Ask the important questions at the onset, to make sure you are both clear on the parameters of the relationship. Setting parameters such as naming your relationship (dating, seeing each other, boyfriend/girlfriend, engaged) as well as defining exclusive (limited to one person,) or non-exclusive. These can be difficult and awkward questions to ask, but will save you great heartache and misunderstanding down the line. Example: "Are you open to the possibility of relocating if the relationship should become more serious?" or "What are you looking to get out of the relationship?" Stating your end goal or ideas will allow each person to maintain what they need.

Do things together. Defy the distance. As a long distance couple, it's important to do other things together besides the usual phone call. In a long distance relationship, interaction over the phone can become dull in the long run. Incorporating other forms of interaction are important. Just think... People in short-distance relationships do not spend the majority of their time talking, but rather doing things with each other. Try to replicate this by finding things to do together such as watching a TV show or movie simultaneously.

Communicate in some way every day, more than once if possible. Since you won't be seeing each other, it's important to establish and maintain an emotional connection. These don't always have to be long, in-depth conversations. Tell each other about your little triumphs and tragedies. Ask for advice. Use an instant messenger program or VoIP for real-time chat, or web cams for that visual connection. E-mail is great so make sure you use it, especially if long-distance phone calls put a strain on your budget. Remember that e-mail and even instant messengers can increase the possibility of misunderstandings. Write love letters. Send small gifts or flowers for no reason. In this case, quantity is as important as quality. You may discover an advantage over others whose partner is close at hand—you don't take communication for granted!

Take advantage of the benefits a long distance relationship offers: more time with friends and/or family, no arguments over toothpaste caps, the pleasure of seeing your sweetheart again after a long absence, time to mull your options (rather than snapping at your partner impulsively) before you respond to that email s/he wrote that seemed so rude the first time you read it, etc. Most important, being far apart gives you a chance to maintain your individuality—something that can get lost in the shuffle when couples spend all their free time together. Here are additional benefits of long distance relationships.

Pursue common interests, even if it means pursuing them apart. If there's a movie you're both interested in seeing, watch it individually and then call each other afterward and talk about it. Read a certain book at the same time. Stargaze while you're on the phone. Set your watches to go off at the same time every day, and synchronize your alarm with that of your partner. Make it a point to think of each other when your watch goes off, and revel in the fact that he or she is thinking about you, too. Find creative ways to bond.

Avoid the temptation to be controlling. People have free will and no one can or should control another person. As long as you are both interested in being in the relationship, you will stick with it and distance will not make a difference. As soon as one of you decides the other is not a good match—or someone else is a better match—your relationship ends, whether you live 3000 miles apart, two streets over, or share the same bed with your wedding picture on the wall. You are going to have to trust each other completely if this relationship is going to work.

Try challenging each other. This is not the same as being controlling. You may find that you can do things for each other that you couldn't quite find the motivation to do on your own. Perhaps you could motivate yourselves to get some exercise or to cook better or more often. It will give you something to do while you wait to see your partner again, and it will give you both something to strive for and talk about until then.

Talk about your future together. Assuming that ultimately you'd want to live together, discussing how you're going to get to that point will help you prove to each other that the relationship is going somewhere and that your efforts and frustrations are not in vain.

Remember: Things will get better with time. and even the relationship will become better. Have hope!

Visit often. Try to make the time to visit each other as often as possible or as often as your budget permits you to. A relationship cannot thrive if the only thing you have is the phone call. You need to see each other up close and personal every chance you get. The key here is to set up some "rules" about frequency of communication and visits and stick to them. Consistency can help a long-distance relationship survive.

Avoid jealousy and be trusting. One of the easiest ways to destroy a perfectly healthy relationship is to poison it with jealousy and drama. When you start a long distance relationship, you must be realistic of the difficulties ahead. It always helps if you go in a relationship with the idea that everyone is innocent and worthy of trust until proven otherwise. Don't fall in the trap of interrogating your partner every time he/she decides to go out for a drink with people you haven't met or he/she didn't get back to you right away when you called and left a message. Just because you are in a long-distance relationship doesn't mean your lives will pause. Your partner will naturally have a social life where he/she lives and so should you. Sure, it helps to have your eyes open and not be totally naive, but being overly suspicious is unhealthy for you and your relationship too. You should both maintain your social activity and be happy with yourselves.

Be positive. Staying positive and not focusing on the negative aspects of a long-distance relationship is essential to keeping your relationship blooming and your partner content. Being away from your sweetie is not all bad news. Use the opportunity of personal time to pursue your interests and hobbies as well as your career objectives. Another positive point is that long distance dating pushes both of you to be more creative, to communicate better since you don't have "face-to-face" time and to test (and express) your feelings. As long as you see the long-distance relationship as a temporary state, you will keep your chin up and transmit that feeling of security and happiness to your partner too.

Give them a personal object of yours so in a time of need, when they miss you, they are able to hold on to something that once belonged to you. This will provide comfort, happiness, and the thought of being with you.

Work towards a balanced relationship between partners. A relationship must be built on strong foundations of trust, understanding and determination to make it work. The two partners should be reasonable about their expectations and willing to cooperate so that the relationship can lead to a happy ending. If these parameters are taken care of, you have nothing to worry about. But don't forget to ask some questions because if you don't, your partner may start to think that you're losing interest. For more information about long distance relationships, go to this Long Distance Relationships community website.

Create your own set of relationship standards that both of you have mutually agreed upon. That creates a common goal for you to work towards, developing a strong relationship whether you are together or apart. For example, agree to disagree, accept each other as you are, practice trust and honesty, strive towards compromise and self-sacrifice, seek spiritual unity, and maintain open communication.


we're the perfect couple, we're just not in the perfect situation
i completely TRUSTED u but u've MISUSED it
so wat's de definition of TRUST dat u're holdin on

Thursday, December 9, 2010


EVERY night i wish upon a STAR
that U will NEVER leave ME

but i realize even my own SHADOW leaves me when im in DARKNESS

there's FEAR in me that my heart will BLEED again

& I remember years ago INTUITION has alwiz told me to take CAUTION
when it comes to

so i guess
i sholud LISTEN to her, at least ONCE

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

PinK piGGy

here comes the PINK PIGGY
almost ALL THE TIME he looks like THIS

cos he LOVES to SLEEP
macam GINNA huggin bearbear

SICK dy still can SMILE

but now he's OFFICIALLY my CHEF!

he has to PREPARE all this, oni for ME

his salary will be CUPCAKES+ICECREAM!LOL

eh? how come 1 more piggy here?!
cos HE is bringing ME to see



in de midst of this PAIN, u gotto live the BITTERSWEET present
don't b DEFEATED dont shed a TEAR
cos no matter what era we're in, there's NO running away from SORROW

*besides NIKE, PUMA, ADIDAS...TAK SANGKA he got dis kind of PIGGY KASUT* xD

nonid thx cos im indirectly, convincing myself to b tough too

we r in a "HEART PROTECTOR" relationship
u noe wat KAWAN is?

click on the links below then u'll noe
y frens r really needed when u're really DAM down

especially becos of

一宗接一宗 : 倒数生命,为情自杀; FB留言已成潮流?

heard dat he just passed away, few minutes ago....R.I.P, Alvis Kong


Monday, December 6, 2010

my "sweeet"heart

here's a guy with a true heart
but things happened and burned his heart
we nvr meet in real yet facing same prob n so v chat with our heart
he said once he touch my head he'll knows what's in my heart
i'll c a tomato when he c me so im waitin 4 de 100beats/sec which will perform by his heart
he is shhhoOOoo CUTE n i call him "sweeet"heart

both of us will protect each other's heart
n so he's my
no matter wat happens, rite? xD

*remember, u're the BEST* =)
*p/s: sweet = tong zai in cantonese (his name is tong)

too GOOD to b TRUE

U're just
too GOOD to be TRUE


Sunday, December 5, 2010



lyrics pls view in utube

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Love's to Blame

Watch the series Vampire Diaries season 1 & 2
mayb after your finals over provided if u have the time
Their love is so strong enough to make me think of u
for every second in every episode that i watched.


Time and time I've thought through it all
How we loved and loved and how we fought each other Pushing one another to be somebody else
And time and time I've wrestled my thoughts
Not certain if the end was right or wrong and whether
We still should be together or with somebody else

Our last memory she had water in her eyes
She cried "Stay with me"
asked "How can this be love if you are leaving me"
But darling love's to blame

And I can't see you right now
'cause my heart just can't take it
Can't be with you right now
'cause I know you're no longer mine
I can't see you

It makes me ache that we had to break
That even though I knew your heart so well
We're strangers in different places though we live a mile apart
My best friend's gone my world has been torn
We'll never share a name never be one
But I will always remember the years we spent in love
I still think of you
I pray that you are safe I'm still missing you
It has to be this way 'cause I'm not right for you
And that's why love's to blame

And I can't see you right now
'cause my heart just can't take it
Can't be with you right now
'cause I know you're no longer mine
I can't see you right now
'cause my heart just can't fake it
Can't be with you right now
'cause I know you're no longer mine
I can't see you, no I can't see you
I just can't see you right now

Maybe time will heal your heart
And maybe after time you'll understand
I said goodbye 'cause I love you

And I can't see you right now
'cause my heart just can't take it
Can't be near you right now
'cause I know you're no longer mine
And I can't see you right now
'cause my heart just can't fake it
Can't be with you right now
'cause I know you're no longer mine
And I can't see you, no I can't see you
I just can't see you right now
No I can't see you
I just can't can't see you
I just can't see you right now

And love's to blame

- said goodbye 'cause i love you - -

Friday, December 3, 2010



Thursday, December 2, 2010

当,心 。再,碎



Wednesday, December 1, 2010